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Is Your Heating System Blowing Cold Air?

It can be very frustrating to feel cold air coming from your heater, especially during the winter time when you need it most. Though you may think you have to call a repairman right away, that is not always the case. If the problem is minor enough, you may be able to fix it on your own by following our simple tips!

DIY Heater Solutions

Before you start the heating system, the air in the ducts will be about the same temperature as the air in your house, so you may have to wait a moment for the system to warm itself up. If hot air begins to flow a moment or two later, your system is fine.

You should make sure that:

  • Your thermostat is set for heat and adjusted as needed
  • The temperature setting on the thermostat is higher than the temperature of the room
  • The battery has sufficient voltage to operate the system properly
  • Verify that all furnace doors and covers are installed properly

Next you should check to see if your heating system's pilot light is lit. If it is unlit and won't relight, check the fuel supply as your gas valve may have been shut off inadvertently. In this case, test another gas-burning appliance you have to see if it is a problem with your utility company.

You can reboot your system by lowering the thermostat so that no heating is needed. Disconnect the electricity to the heating unit, wait for three minutes, then connect the electricity and raise the temperature to try and start the heating system.

If your system continues to blow cold air, you should contact a Santa Clarita heater repair service technician, to diagnose the issue. There could be a problem with the electrical components in the system, or a failure in the burner or heat exchanger. A service technician will be able to determine the cause, and restore your heat!

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