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Investigating Odd Heater Smells In Santa Clarita

Heater Smells in SCVMost homeowners never go near their heating system in the home unless it is malfunctioning and not doing what it is supposed to do. Unfortunately, the heater is generally ignored if it is working properly. People forget that it, like everything else, needs good maintenance on a regular basis. A heating system needs to be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. The filters need to be changed out on a regular basis, more often if there are animals in the home. Dust and pet hair are the biggest enemies to well running heating systems. They will clog up and not do their job if they are not changed regularly. Experts advise changing the filters every 90 days, and 60 days if you have an animal in the house. If the filters are changed regularly, the system can become stressed and the cost of running it will increase dramatically. The cost of repairing a system is much larger than the cost of maintaining it.

Another problem that causes a homeowner in Santa Clarita to be concerned is when there is a smell present when the system is turned on. Sometimes there will be an initial odor that does seem to dissipate after the unit has been on for a while. This is just the dust that has collected in the ducts. Other times it signifies a bigger problem and needs to be looked at by an experienced technician.

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