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Effective Heating Repair In Santa Clarita

Heating Repair in SCVIf your heating system in Santa Clarita is not working correctly, then it is probably one of three different repair issues, the thermostat, the distribution system, or the heater source. If your system has stopped running in your home, you probably have lost power to the unit. If the heater unit comes on, but is not blowing warm air, then it is likely that the blower is malfunctioning. A malfunctioning thermostat will also keep the whole system from turning on.

Most homeowners never think about their electric systems until they stop or have to be repaired. If the homeowner will provide regular maintenance and change out the filters every year then the unit will run problem free for a long time. The filters are there to capture all the pet hair, dirt, dust and airborne debris that float around. They cannot do their job if they are not changed out on a regular basis. Homes with animals should change the filters every 60 days. Clogged filters make the system work harder to do its job and will put stress on the unit.

If your gas heater is blowing cool air when you turn it on, then you might have an issue with the system not igniting. Turn it off and call a technician to check it out. Call A1 Ocean Breeze for a complete inspection of your electrical or gas systems. Look for their informative website at a1ocean.com.