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The Importance of Annual AC Maintenance

Image(s): FreeDigitalPhotos.netSummer is upon us and with that comes soaring temperatures. Is your air conditioner working properly? Will it be ready to cool you down and save you from that extreme summer heat? If you haven't kept up with annual maintenance on your AC then you may be taking chances.

The wear and tear on your air conditioner is like comparing it to the wear and tear you put on your vehicle when you drive it 100,000+ miles in a year. Just as your vehicle needs periodic maintenance like oil and filter changes, so does your AC. Repairs to your air conditioner can get costly when routine maintenance hasn't been performed. By having your AC serviced every year, your chances of catching future problems ahead of time are high.

Your air conditioner has coils and those coils can collect dust and other debris around them. Annual maintenance generally includes cleaning these coils. When dirt and other foreign particles build up in your AC, it can begin to overheat which means you're using more electricity to try and cool your home. This only costs you more money in the end. If this isn't fixed then your air conditioner can eventually lock up, leaving you with no AC at all and probably more extensive repairs.

Other items that may be checked are the fan motor, capacitors, evaporator, electrical connections and more. You can easily see why annual maintenance is so important. A-1 Ocean Breeze believes that annual maintenance is as important as your annual checkups. You wouldn't take chances with your personal health so why takes chances with the health of your air conditioner? Remember the better the condition; the better the performance.