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Santa Clarita Air Conditioning: Hot and Cold Spots

Santa Clarita, California : One common concern we hear a lot from homeowners is that room temperature can vary from room to room either being too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer. Sometimes these areas referred to as hot and cold spots can occur even when the rest of the house is comfortable.

Temperature variation from room to room is normal between two and three degrees, with small variations there should be no concern that there’s a problem with your heating or air-conditioning system. When the difference from room to room is more than five or ten degrees there could potentially be a problem with your home comfort system. An expert like A-1 Ocean Breeze in air-conditioning and heating repair and installation can properly inspect and diagnose the problem. Sometimes hot and cold spots can be an indication of a more serious problem on the horizon. It’s always a good idea to have your heating and air-conditioning system inspected and serviced each year.

Instead of keeping your system running longer to help maintain a comfortable temperature and increasing your energy costs you should have your system inspected and serviced. A-1 Ocean Breeze is a professional heating and air-conditioning contractor that services Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, Chatsworth, Thousand Oaks and Granada Hills. We are licensed bonded and insured and are fully trained in all aspects of HVAC systems. Our service technicians are also N.A.T.E. certified insuring that the highest level of education has been achieved to diagnose and repair problems quickly.