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Santa Clarita: The Importance of Routine Maintenance for Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration is used to maintain proper temperatures in food as it makes it way from the producer to the consumer. Refrigerated vehicles are commonly used to transport foods hundreds of miles while keeping them at a steady temperature so they retain their texture and flavor. Commercial refrigeration is also used in bakeries and restaurant kitchens to make sure customers are served the best quality food and that this food is stored in temperatures where bacteria will not grow. Supermarket refrigeration is another form of commercial refrigeration. This unique refrigeration method allows stores to display foods while keeping them cool.

Commercial RefrigerationCommercial refrigeration is the backbone of the food industry and can lead to serious problems when not working properly. Therefore, routine maintenance is very important. Proper maintenance will lengthen the life of many commercial refrigeration units including freezers, ice machines and coolers. In addition, regular maintenance can decrease the risks of needing emergency service due to major component failure like a condenser fan or compressor motor going bad because of a dirty coil.

There are several serious problems that can occur from a lack of routine maintenance. Listed here are just a few of them: Dirty coils can block air flow, causing fan motors to cease functioning. Soiled condenser coils cause high amp draw which leads to thermostat and wiring failure. Refrigerant oil may overheat, restricting capillary tubing. This is but a few of many problems that can arise if equipment is not properly maintained.

Routine maintenance procedures need to be performed a minimum of two times yearly. A thorough procedure carried out by a service tech should include: checking the door closers and hinges, checking evaporator and condenser fan blades and motors, monitoring cycling and temperature, pressure cleaning condenser coils, checking refrigerant level, pressure cleaning drain lines, checking unit thermometer, and checking electrical connections.

You can keep your refrigeration units running smoothly between service calls by cleaning dirt and dust out regularly. There is a cover on the bottom or top of the majority of self contained freezers and coolers. Once a month you should remove this cover in order to examine the condenser coil. You want to make sure that it is clean.

Along with improper storing and handling of food, poor refrigeration maintenance is a leading cause of food borne illness. Refrigeration units that are not functioning properly often fail to maintain foods at the proper temperatures which allows bacteria to grow and multiply at a fast rate. Routine maintenance is necessary to ensure that your refrigeration units are always working properly.